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Attention: children under 18 years of age are not allowed to visit this website or use the services of

The JollyCupid service is a dating service between people, accessible to JollyCupid subscribers via the internet, mobile phone. Some features of the flirting service today are accessible for free while other features are paid for subscribers who pay a subscription.

By subscribing to the portal you will be able to exchange written messages, live video chat with other users and much more. The site is reserved for an adult audience. All registered users and people depicted in the photos are over 18 years old. The user is informed that in accordance with article 32 of the law and freedom of information of 6 January 1978, as amended, the information collections are necessary, and are intended to Techscale S.R.L, as it is responsible for their processing for the purposes of the management card customers and potential customers, the management of users, control of the relationship with prospects and customers, for the management and control of business operations and promotions. The user can exercise the rights of access, servicing and rectification which allows him, if necessary, to make rectify, complete, update, block or delete the personal data that are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, or no longer valid or truthful to the collection, use, communication or conservation is prohibited. You also have a right to object to the processing of your data for legitimate reasons as well as a right to object if they are used for commercial research purposes.

If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern JollyCupid 's relationship with you in relation to this website. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our site.

In these Terms and conditions, the following words or expressions have the meaning set forth below.

Multi-access dating service for a fee. Some parts of the flirting service today are accessible for free, and other features are paid for subscribers.


1. Service


1.1 the service may only be used after you have registered. Registration is free. In doing so you will be entered into a contractual relationship with us without taxes or payments, which is managed by these GTC(general terms and conditions).

1.2 we also offer additional services for a fee, if you want to communicate with other users and use the entire service. We always notify you before using any paid services, indicating what prices are applied and the respective amount. You can choose the duration of your first subscription. The subscription period you paid for will not automatically renew.

1.3 your subscription is reserved for your personal use only. You are not allowed to authorize others to use your subscription or account on JollyCupid. This means that you are not allowed to share your login data with any third parties. We offer the service for personal and private use only. By registering, you agree to use this service solely for private and personal use and without any commercial use or purpose.


2. Use of the service and registration

2.1 the service may only be used after registration.

2.2 by registering, you represent that you have read and accepted these GTC and you represent that you have reached the age of 18.

2.3 mobile services may have restrictions and not all tools may be available. Only a limited list of subscription payment methods can be provided.

2.4 you must ensure the correctness and truthfulness of all data provided during registration and during the purchase and payment phase.

2.5 we reserve the right to block your access to the service if you use the service illegally or in a way that violates our GTC.

2.6 the login credentials of members who do not use the service may be deleted after 30 days from the last valid connection made on the JollyCupid site. JollyCupid also reserves the right to disable the profile of the Members that have not responded after the first phase of the registration, the confirmation email received on the indicated e-mail address in the compilation of the module, within a period of fifteen days, which are counted from the date of sending of the email confirming registration by the system JollyCupid. Users ' messages may be deleted from JollyCupid after 30 days of sending.


3. Use of JollyCupid


3.1 rules of behavior and anonymity

After registering and paying the subscription fee chosen, the subscriber will be able to access the services available on JollyCupid. The price and payment methods of the various services are accessible at the latest when viewing and using the services to which the subscriber wishes to subscribe, as well as when viewing and using the relevant rates. During the use of the services, the subscriber undertakes in particular to:

- Comply with applicable laws and the rights of third parties.

- Do not use JollyCupid for professional, commercial or otherwise non-private purposes (customer search, etc.) or for illegal purposes or otherwise contrary to law, public order or good customs.

- Publish, disclose or disseminate in any form only information or content that answers to the truth.

-Not affirm or expressions or publish content in any form that they transgress the rights of others or that is defamatory, injurious, obscene, child pornographic, offensive, violent or inciting violence, political, racist or xenophobic, and, in general, content contrary to the object of JollyCupid, applicable laws, to public order, to the personal rights, morals, or the protection of minors.

- Do not mention on the site JollyCupid any personal information (electronic address, postal address, telephone number, etc.) that may allow a subscriber to contact another subscriber without resorting to JollyCupid.

-Do not disclose or distribute in any way any content or information that has the effect of diminishing, disorganize, prevent the normal use of Services, stop and/or slow down the normal flow of communication between Members through the Services, such as applications, viruses, trojan horses, sending mass e-mails (spam), etc., JollyCupid reserves the right to delete messages sent in bulk by a Writing in order to guarantee quality in normal use of the service by other Members.


- Do not publish, disclose or disseminate in any form, information or content that contains advertising messages of any kind or links to other websites.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the article 'Termination of contract', in the case of a violation by a member of one or more of these rules, JollyCupid reserves the right to block the account of the member concerned, to automatically delete messages or controversial content, regardless of their nature, to prevent the publication of a profile of a Writing, in whole or in part, and/or block your access to the Services, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently,, without compensation or reimbursement and without prejudice to any revaluation against the member concerned. JollyCupid cannot be held responsible for false statements made by a subscriber. Therefore, members are advised to take precautions in the case of meetings with other members. JollyCupid assumes no responsibility for meetings between members of JollyCupid, on JollyCupid or during meetings between members and non-members, following the use of the JollyCupid site and related services.

In this regard, JollyCupid reminds members that they cannot disclose or disclose information that allows their identification, such as surname, postal and/or electronic address, telephone number, to other members of JollyCupid through the JollyCupid site. In addition, if you intend to meet another user previously met on JollyCupid, it is recommended to always inform a friend, and to prefer a public place (bar, restaurant, etc.).

In order to safeguard and protect its users, JollyCupid has made available a service that avoids any inconvenience of the web. In addition to the normal and continuous checks on the quality of the service, we strongly recommend that you stick to the classic Decalogue that follows:

-Before exchanging personal data (phone numbers, home or office addresses) it is good to deepen the knowledge by e-mail.


- It would be advisable never to give anyone their home address.

-If you decide to call a person you know on the network, it is good to set the phone so that your number is not visible to the person receiving the call.

-If you do not want to continue communication with someone, it is good to inform him immediately and in a kind but decisive way.

- If you think a profile is fake or if you receive an incorrect message from a subscriber (spam, advertising, vulgar, racist, untrue claims, etc.) click on the 'report User'button.

- If you decide to meet one of the people with whom you are in telematic contact, it is good to send a photograph of him.

- Propose or accept a meeting only if you feel completely comfortable with the person you want to meet.

- Make appointments in public and crowded places.

- If you do not have an autonomous means of transport, organize yourself so that you are independent upon return

- Inform some friends or relatives of the meeting and indicate a time for your return.

The respect of this 'Decalogue' is required precisely because in the immense labyrinth of the network the new opportunities allow users to maintain anonymity and often the spontaneous question is: 'how can I try without taking risks?'JollyCupid, guaranteeing quality and safety, still feels obliged to always advise its members in the best way, since the rules to be respected are very simple and sometimes trivial. A minimum of confidentiality and privacy requires that before deepening and consolidating knowledge avoid offering too much personal information; on the other hand, the charm of discovering a person little by little is definitely more captivating!


4 . Termination of Service

We are authorized to suspend the provision of the service offered in whole or in part. You will be informed in time of the termination of the service and the reasons, at least 14 days before the total or partial termination of the service. If you have used the site, chat or videochat options, we cannot make a refund.


5. Reporting incorrect users

JollyCupid guarantees the seriousness and correctness of its services, offering its customers the commitment to the control of profiles, ensuring that no false animator operates on the portal. The JollyCupid service aims to guarantee the conditions of these terms and conditions and to exclude from the service anyone who, by subscribing to them, uses them in a different way. If you believe that a profile is fake or if you receive incorrect messages from another subscriber, such as spam, advertising, vulgar or threatening statements, invitation to use paid phone numbers and the Like, report it by clicking on the "report User" link on the profile of the subscriber you want to report.


6. Banned users

If JollyCupid users do not comply with these terms and conditions or where anomalies in the use of the service are found and/or reported, the staff in charge will carry out a verification that could lead to the inclusion of the user in the category 'banned'. If a user is included among the banned users, the login attempt will display the message 'you have been banned for violating the terms and conditions of JollyCupid', and therefore will not be able to access the portal. You can also contact the staff at to ask for explanations and possibly report the error. If the error occurs by the staff, the user will be rehabilitated immediately, otherwise these users will be permanently deleted after 15 days from the inclusion in the category in question.


7. Email notifications

I agree to receive email notifications. Notifications can be turned off in the menu at any time by going to the " account settings"

Under this contract, you agree to:

- notify JollyCupid immediately of any suspicion of unauthorized use of your username or password or any other security breach;

- make sure you log out of your account at the end of each session;

- do not use the account, profile, username or password of any other user or member;

- take special care when accessing your account from a public or shared computer so that others cannot view or record your password or other personal information.

JollyCupid has no obligation to verify the identity or select the people who subscribe to or use the services.

JollyCupid will not be liable for any damages you may incur as a result of your interactions with other users or their conduct and will not be liable for identity theft or other misuse of your identity or information.




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